Buy Here Pay Here CT

Buy Here Pay Here CT

In contrast to the city wide deceptive practices employed by conventional dealerships who falsely claim to work with bad credit, Any Credit Car Connection’s free service locates true $500 down buy here pay here CT dealerships that can handle any credit situation.  To accomplish this, our CT bad credit car dealers work with low down payment buy here pay here car lots in Connecticut. We offer auto financing even in previous repossession or bankruptcy.  Looking for a bad credit auto loans Connecticut dealer?   Simply fill out the short form and our network will connect you with a dealership quickly.  We won’t stop searching until you’re driving!


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We Work with Bad or No Credit


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Your Credit Score Is Ignored

Just need to show steady income

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1. Fill Out the Short Form

Our easy form takes only seconds yet gives the Illinois dealerships want. If you have questions, we can  walk you through the form by phone.

2. We'll Search our Network

You want dealerships with buy here pay here in CT, and our system searches our network for the closest quality bad credit car lots.


3. And Connect You To a Car!

Finally, the network will put you into contact with a local bad credit used car dealerships with great deals on $500 down cars and trucks

2015 Nissan Altima

2015 Nissan Altima for $500 Down

2015 Kia Spectra

2015 Kia Spectra for $500 Down

2010 Ford Mustang

2010 Ford Mustang for $500 Down

2015 Nissan Sentra

2015 Nissan Sentra for $500 Down

2012 Ford Escape

2012 Ford Escape for $500 Down

$500 Down Cars In Connecticut

Here’s a small sample of our connecticut inventory that increases by the day. Because of this, we have many more buyherepayhere used cars available at very reasonable rates with low downpayments through both local buy here pay here CT car lots and bad credit car dealerships that will approve with used car bad credit. Wishing for a CT bad credit auto loan for $500 down? We’ll approve you despite repos, bk or awful credit!

Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers In CT


Real Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

All of the dealers in our network are genuine buy here pay here CT car lots.


$500 Down Programs

Our buy here pay here CT dealerships all offer programs starting at $500 down.


Our Service is Free!

We locate the local bad credit car dealers you need for free, you pay nothing.


We Work Quickly

In many cases, our service connects you with buy here pay here dealers instantly.


Extremely Simple To Use

Just fill out the short form and let our network find a CT bad credit car dealer.


Automatic Credit Repair

Our bad credit car help repair your credit when you make payments on time.

A Little About Connecticut

With a population around 3.6 million, Connecticut is the third smallest state with an area of 5543 sq miles, ranked 4th in population density with 739/sq mile. Nicknamed “the constitution state” and “the nutmeg state”, Connecticut has the highest nationwide per capita income, with leading industries of finance, insurance and manufacturing.

Birthplace of the first cotton gin, revolver and electric typewriter, Connecticut derives its name from a Mojegan word which means ‘place of long tidal river’. Its state song is ‘Yankee Doodle’ and its state insect is ‘praying mantis’.

Connecticut earned its nickname ‘The Nutmeg State’ because of its residents had the reputation of being savvy enough to pass off wooden nutmeg to residents to visitors as the real thing!

Chicago, Illinois
Finding Buy Here Pay Here Dealers In CT

Finding Buy Here Pay Here Dealers In CT

Connecticut, located near 40 – 41 latitude, has a humid climate and distinct seasons. Winters are considered very cold,  averaging daytime highs of 33-38 in some parts.  Summers in Connecticut are hot and humid.

During the winter months, finding buy here pay here dealers in CT is no laughing matter. The bus stops are cold, and bicycling is even colder.  If you have the resouces for buying a car, getting down to see the dealer itself can become a chore. Its easy to become discouraged things don’t work out locating a bad credit auto loans CT dealer.  And without a reliable means of transportation, or some form of credit repair or debt adjuster it can be easy to get stuck in a bad situation.  Fortunately, Any Credit Car Connection can help by locating bad credit car dealers who approve buy here pay here CT 500 down cars.

Find Buy Here Pay Here CT Dealers

Our dealers ignore your credit. Just need to show a steady income and have a valid driver’s license.

$500 Down Car Lots In Connecticut

While Connecticut car dealerships that offer true buy here pay here CT  financing are few and far between, we provide you easy access to the best ones. Moreover, our bad credit $500 down car lots in Connecticut will approve you in most all credit situations.  As long as your repo occured 12 months ago, and your bankruptcy is not currently open, we can find a bad credit auto loan. Our form very fast to fill out. We’re available also to answer any questions.

Simply type in your name, phone number and zip code, and we’ll locate buy here pay here used car lots in CT. Next, contact the dealer and browse through their inventory of low down payment bad credit cars. Finally, let our $500 down car lots in Connecticut perform automatic credit repair by reporting your successful payments to the credit agencies.

$500 Down Car Lots In CT
Buy Here Pay Here Used Car Lots In CT

Buy Here Pay Here Used Car Lots In CT

We have many buy here pay here used car lots in Connecticut with great deals on bad credit cars.  Our buy here pay here CT car lots are located in:

Counties of  Fairfield, Hartford, Litchfield, Middlesex, New Haven, New London, Tolland, Windham.

We serve  the cities of: Ansonia, Bridgeport, Bristol, Danbury, Derby, Groton, Hartford, Meriden, Middletown, Milford, New Britain, New Haven, New London, Norwalk, Norwich, Shelton, Stamford, Torrington, Waterbury, West Haven, Winsted and buy here pay here Manchester, CT

Search for dealerships HERE. We won’t stop searching until you’re driving.

Without you guys,  I’d still be walking to work (2 miles each way). Thank you. Your service was so easy to use.  Can’t believe I’m driving again! 

Anna (Bridgeport)

Your dealers helped me when no others would because of my credit score. The cars on the lot were newer models but still for $500 down.

Justin (Bridgeport)

I am very satisfied with anycreditconnection.com! There was an instant response and I was able to find dealers, and I got my car ! thank you!!

Tiffany Speller

I found this site to be easy to use and very helpful. I took out the time that I used in finding a car and trying to get approval. Thank you very much.

Donna Bean

I was very impressed on the quick feedback regarding the auto information. I appreciate the information and am looking forward to getting an auto

Nathia Tatum

Any credit car connection has great customer service. I put in an inquiry and got more information within the hour.  I really appreciate your services and I give u 5 STARS!

Shavea Johnson

Wasn’t sure there were even any buy here pay here Manchester CT dealers or something closeby. Thanks for opening the way.

George (Manchester)

These were the best $500 down car dealers I found. They don’t look at credit, only need proof of income and license. Recommended!


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Our Locater is simple to use. Just fill out the short form, and we do the rest, searching our  Connecticut car dealerships for great bhph cars.

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Buy Here Pay Here In Connecticut

 Our no credit check buy here pay here CT car dealerships offers easy approval with many makes and models of used cars with bad credit, while at affordable prices with great warrantees.

Cars for $500 Down Connecticut

Cars for $500 Down

No more time consuming searching with hit or miss car lots. Instead, we bring the no credit needed $500 down car dealerships right to you!

We’re Your Buy Here Pay Here CT Solution.

We are your one stop shop for $500 down auto dealers that work with bad credit.


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