When visiting the lot, its important to remember that even if you have no intention of buying a car, in order to go for a test drive, you will need your driver’s license. In fact, its routine for the dealership to make a photocopy of your license prior to any test driving. Of course, if you are buying a car, the dealership will generally require this as well.

Proof of auto insurance is also required for buying a car. It is possible in some cases to buy insurance immediately after the purchase, and have them fax proof of insurance to the dealer who will then let you drive your fully insured vehicle off of the lot.

To assist in filling out credit applications, you will also want to have your bank and credit card account info handy (you will also want to keep handy your social security number).

You will need to show proof of income, so bring a paycheck stub or bank statement showing this. Also proof of residence such as a bill containing your address.

You will need references, with contact information for each.

Finally you will need your down payment.

While these are basic requirements, remember all dealerships are different and some have more requirements than others. Be sure to talk to the dealer on the phone to find out exactly what to bring.