When it comes to buying a car, nothing can be as frustrating as visiting a bad credit car dealer and waiting while they get you approved for a used car. If you have ever experienced this you understand exactly the feeling that I am talking about.

One way to overcome this is to use the computer to your advantage. Most bad credit car dealers have the ability online for you to fill out an application. This way the dealer has all of your information and can process it to see if there is any credit challenge that needs to be overcome either by documents or because it is false. If you fill out an online application it gives the car dealer a little more time to figure out what you need as far as documentation to resolve the situation. It also gives you this knowledge before you visit the dealership.

What this means is that if you fill out an application when you get to the dealership and something pops up on your credit that you didn’t know about, you don’t have access to any additional documentation that the dealership needs while you are sitting there. This means not only do you have to wait while the car dealership tries to figure out how to get you approved, which could take awhile depending on how busy the finance manager is, or they will need you to provide additional documentation, meaning that you will have to leave, get the documentation and come back to the dealership at a later time. This can really be a very frustrating experience. If you have the ability to fill out an online used car application, do yourself a favor and fill it out before you visit the dealership.