When visiting a car dealership, follow these simple rules to maximize your purchase.

If possible, take someone with you. Having someone else there with you serves as an extra pair of eyes and ears. Often, if you miss something in the heat of the moment, the person you are with will catch it.

When financing your prospective vehicle, go with the lowest APR over the shortest period of time. Remember that a promise of a lower monthly payment over a longer period of time may be more costly in the long run, so it pays to be aware.

Choose lending contracts with only essential goods and services. Watch for contracts containing nonessentials, and make sure the loan isn’t contingent on the purchase of insurance, extended warantees or other services.

Make certain also that the terms of the contract are final, and not conditional on other factors. Doing this will prevent the situation where you discover later that your monthly payments have been increased.

Lastly, before entering the dealership, it pays to do your research. Check out the average pricing of the vehicles you’re interested in so that you are armed with this knowledge going in. Its also extremely important that know your credit score, so you don’t feel like you’re at a disadvantage. Never take someone at their word that your credit score is bad, look at it yourself. Take advantage of the websites online that allow you to look at your credit score for free.