With the economy in a slow state of recovery there are very few options for those individuals that are experiencing the negative effects of a really difficult last couple of years. When it comes to being able to be approved for a vehicle it all comes down to your credit and your credit score. With great credit you have many programs to choose from, however if your credit score has taken a turn for the worse, usually anything under 600, your options begin to become more limited.

There are bad credit car dealerships out there that can work with almost any type of credit situation. This style of dealer is called buy here pay here, which means that the dealership is also the institution that is financing the loan on the car. This is great news for someone that wants to get approved fast, because there is no outside bank that needs to be contacted.

Usually one of the most important factors in not being approved from a buyherepayhere dealership is your monthly income. If you have a full time job making roughly $1400 gross a month, you should be able to get approved. Of course, you may make less than this and also be approved, it all depends on your monthly bills.

Another important aspect of getting approved for a car loan is the amount of money that you are going to need for a down payment. There are a lot of dealerships that can get you approved for $2000 -$4000 down, but what about dealerships that can get you approved for $500? Are there really buyherepayhere dealerships that can get someone approved for a low down payment car with only $500 down? The answer is yes, in fact we even work with bad credit auto dealers that at times offer $0 down. Buyherepayhere dealerships have different requirements from city to city so sometimes down payments might be a little bit more than $500. At www.anycreditcarconnection.com our nationwide service is easy and free for you to use to quickly find local bad credit car dealers that can get you approved and in a low down payment car today.